About Us

Beautiful memorials made in Auckland

In your time of remembrance, there has never been a better way to show tribute for your loved one, than memorials designed from everlasting granite. Economical in price and permanent in structure, the appearance and beauty is one that can be cherished forever.

Jacobsen Headstones is here to provide you with personalised and hand crafted memorials that will be the perfect tribute to your loved one. Call us in Auckland and we can begin planning your personalised memorial.

Our Experience

Jacobsen Headstones is a family owned business operating for over 67 years in Auckland. We are proud of the beautiful memorials we have produced during this time and it is clear that each one of them has had many hours of careful attention put into them.

Traditional or Modern

We have extensive expertise in memorial engraving using modern artistry techniques combined with the latest technology.
The result is a colourful array of both traditional and modern memorials - a personalised service that can combine time-honoured traceries, ethnic motifs, and powerful photographic remembrances, to celebrate the uniqueness of your loved one.

Many options to choose from

Here we present some of the more popular options and favoured lettering styles, to help make your choice a little easier. We invite you to visit our showroom in Auckland for a display of more than 120 styles of memorials and to discuss your requirements and obtain your free quotation.
We service all cemeteries throughout New Zealand, and ship to the Pacific Islands, Australia and Worldwide.


"Words cannot express how grateful I am for the job done on Lyndsay Rawiri's headstone. I would like to thank you on behalf of Lyndsay, our children and myself as this headstone has enabled us to find a little closure to our loss. Thank you for your hard work and patience and understanding. I am eternally grateful for everything you guys have done. Forever grateful"

Lisette Apperley & children